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40,000 Children in northern Syria are out of school due to UK aid cut

Britain announced that it has reduced the expenditure on Syria by 69%, including cuts to education and health programs, even though millions of people still live in camps.

The non-governmental organization “Syria Relief” said: more than 40,000 children in northwestern Syria have been forced out of school as a result of cuts in British aid to Syria. The organization also said that the British funding for 133 schools inside Syria has been ended at the last month.

The organization added: This measure leaves students at risk of child labor and early marriage.

Jessica Adams the head of communications sector for Syria Relief organization said: “if funds are not found to fill the gaps left by the UK government and other donors, a generation of children in northern Syria will be out of school.”

It is noteworthy that the organization was  the largest non-governmental provider of schools in Syria with 306 schools. But as other donors are also cutting costs or redirecting aid to Ukraine, it is currently supporting 3,600 children in 24 remaining schools facing closure by August, leaving a total of 100,000 children left without education by 2021.

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