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Dozens have been killed in the Russian bombing of a school in Ukraine’s Luhansk region

The governor of the Luhansk region, Serhiy Haidai, said that 60 people have been killed and at least 30 people wounded in Russian air raids on school west of the region.

Haidai added: “The death toll is likely to rise because people are under the rubble, pointing out that the bombing targeted a school in the village of Bilohorivka.”

He explained that the bombing resulted from a raid carried out by a Russian plane on a school in the village where the people sought refuge from the Russian bombing.

Over the past four days, Russian forces intensified their bombing of the city, located in the Ukrainian-controlled part of Donetsk region.

In Mariupol, the Russian Defense Ministry announced the completion of the process of evacuating civilians from the Azovstal industrial complex, where Russian forces are besieging members of the Ukrainian army and the Azov battalion holed up inside.

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