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The United States extends the state of emergency with regard to Assad regime’s actions in Syria

The White House issued today a statement confirming that the US president Joe Biden signed Executive Order to extend the “national emergency” state for an additional year with regard to the Assad regime’s actions in Syria.

The statement stated, “The Assad regime’s repression policy against the Syrian people not only endangers the Syrian people themselves, but also poses a threat to all the countries of the region.” 

The statement added, “The Assad regime’s actions with regard to chemical weapons continue to pose a threat to the national security and the foreign policy of the United States. It announced, therefore, the continuation of emergency state in  Executive Order 13338.

The statement clarified that Washington will observe the changes in Assad regime’s actions in accordance with Security Council Resolution 2254 to  determine whether to continue or terminate the security emergency in the future.

The statement stressed the need to enact the ceasefire in Syria and to facilitate the unhindered delivery of aid to all the Syrians. The US president believed that Assad regime and Russia committed brutal crimes against the civilians. He also called on to stop the war and negotiate a political settlement in Syria.

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