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The “Voice of America” ​​: Ankara is increasing the military pressure on the Russian presence in Syria

The “Voice of America” ​​website said yesterday in a report that the actions taken recently by Turkey have increased the military pressure on the Russian forces presence in Syria.

The report added that Turkey’s closure of its airspace to Russian planes carrying Russian troops has tightened again Russia’s military access to Syria.

The report added that Ankara gave no reason for this action at a time it didn’t hide its opposition towards Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The report clarified that the Turkey ‘actions aim to improve the relations with Washington and European Union, which have witnessed several tensions after Turkey purchased the Russian S-400 missiles.  

It is noteworthy that Turkish Foreign Minister ,Mevlut Cavusoglu, announced earlier that his country had closed its airspace to civilian and military Russian planes flying to Syria.

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