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Russian Defense Ministry: Israeli air strikes targeted sites of Scientific Research Centers in western Syria

The Russian Defense Ministry alleged that the Israeli F-16 fighter jets have launched 22 missiles on Scientific Studies and Research Center in Masyaf area and Baniyas port.

This came in a statement, in which the Russian Ministry alleged to intercept and destroy 16 missiles.

Russian Admiral Oleg Zhuravlev said: “On May 13, at 20:25 to 20:32, six F-16 fighter jets belonging to the Israeli Air Forces attacked the sites of the  Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center in Masyaf and Banias port without entering the Syrian airspace.”

Zhuravlev added: ”The air defense forces of the Assad regime have destroyed 16 missiles and one drone.”

Zhuravlev confirmed that the Israeli air strikes killed 3 members of the Assad regime and injured others including two civilian employees. He pointed out that a damage has caused to equipment depots belonging to the Scientific Research Center of the Assad regime.

It is noteworthy that a former private Israeli intelligence company published satellite images showing the destruction of four facilities for weapons manufacturing  in the city of Masyaf in northwestern Syria, after the area was subjected to a series of Israeli air strikes.

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