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The Lebanese Ministry of Interior announces the results of the final elections for most constituencies and presents them to Geagea’s party

The Lebanese Ministry of Interior announced the final official results for 12 constituencies out of 15 in the legislative elections. The voter turnout in Lebanese election was around 41%, according to Ministry of Interior.

Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi said in a news conference: “the elections are successful , and the problems are very few compared to the number of constituencies, denying the alleged ballot  missing in some districts.”

Mawlawi added: “The voter turnout is good and not low compared to the previous legislative elections, and the results of the rest of the constituencies will be announced successively as soon as they are finally documented by the judicial authorities.”

The political parties announced the results that showed the decline of the Free Patriotic Movement, and the progress of the Lebanese Forces Party, in addition to the civil movement’s lists winning a number of seats and other parties retaining the seats that were in their share.

The number of candidates for these elections reached 719 candidates under 103 lists, including 56 lists in the name of changing groups and civil society in the country, while the number of voters invited to participate in the elections amounted to about 4 million.

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