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The National Army denies the entry of US military delegation into Azaz city in Aleppo countryside

A military source in the “Syrian National Army” denies the news circulated by the news agencies and social media pages that a US military delegation entered the city of Azaz in northern Aleppo countryside which the revolutionary factions seized control on it after “Olive Branch” military operation several years ago.

Media outlets quoted “a senior source in the Syrian National Army” his denying to all the news circulating on social media. He pointed out that the rumors spread about the presence of US military convoys in Azaz, after a regular Turkish convoy entered the city at midnight yesterday from Bab Al-Salama crossing on the Turkish-Syrian border.   

The Fresh Online correspondent said: “The road between Azaz and Bab Al-Salama did not witness last night the entry of any military convoys carrying the flag of the United States of America”. He confirmed that all that the news circulating on social media were fake, and the military convoys were carrying Turkish flags.

The correspondent added that the rumors were promoted by outlets close to the “Syrian Democratic Forces”. According to local agencies, a page close to SDF called “Rojava Media” tweeted: “Helicopters and drones are flying at low altitude along the Syrian-Turkish border through the city of Azaz”

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