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Jordan: We are facing a drug war on our northern border with Syria

The Jordanian Director of Military Information, Colonel Mustafa al-Hiyari, announced that the Jordanian armed forces are facing a drug war on our northern border with Syria.

This came in an interview he made with “Voice of the Kingdom” program, he confirmed through it that smuggling and infiltration operations, mainly drug smuggling, have increased in the last three years.

He said: “that the war in its traditional meaning is a military force facing a military force but it is no longer the main threat facing the countries, especially with the age of information and massive development.”  

He confirmed that many countries have become able to influence their enemies by using multiple means as media and cyber-attacks (drugs and others). He pointed out that smuggling operations are taking place by  3 to 4 groups, and each group consists of 10 to 20 people. These groups  divide a category that works to disperse the monitoring efforts of the armed forces, and another category waits the suitable opportunity to carry out the smuggling operations.

Al-Hiyari continued: “the systematic smuggling operations are led by organized groups externally backed, according to what we see.

He added: “that these groups sometimes receive support from undisciplined groups of Syrian border guards and from other groups, therefore they are systematic operations.”

Smuggling operations continue on the Syrian-Jordanian borders with the increase of the Iranian presence in Syria, which negatively affects the security and economy of Jordan in general.

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