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“Response Coordination Group”: Camps in northern Syria suffer from severe shortage of drinking water

The Response Coordination Group said in a statement: “the displaced family in the camps spend about 20% of their total income on water in winter season and 33% in summer.  

The statement added: “the water crisis affects makeshift and regular camps in northern Syria. The statement pointed out that 85% of makeshift camps suffer from low capacity to secure water and 55% for the other camps.

The statement confirmed that 42% of camps suffer from shortage of water since more than 5 years, and 37% of them suffer from water shortage since 2 years, and 21% of the total camps suffer from water crisis since 6 months.

The Group continued that the number of camps deprived of clean and sterilized water reached 590, and the number is likely to increase if water projects stopped in other camps, which may cause an increase in skin diseases in the camps due to the use of polluted water and the lack of sanitation services.

The Group called on the humanitarian organizations working in the region to secure potable water for the displaced in order to prevent the spread of diseases and epidemics within the camps.

Source: agencies

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