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Russia: Our military forces in Syria will remain despite the end of their missions

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said: “Our military forces will remain in Syria despite the end of their missions, as they were deployed at the request of Bashar al-Assad.”

This came in an interview with “RT” channel through it he confirmed that his country’s forces are in Syria at the request of Bashar al-Assad, pointing out that the Russian forces are there in line with UN Security Council Resolution.

Lavrov added: “we are performing the duties stipulated by UN Security Council Resolution 2544, and we will adhere to this line in the future as well.”

He continued that “Russia will support Assad regime to reclaim all the Syrian territories because there are still uninvited troops, and there are practically no remaining military missions. but there are still security and stability missions.”

He concluded his speech that this task is on Russia’s agenda and the revolutionary factions did not make any provocations to the Russians from inside Idlib.

Recently, there has been much talk about the withdrawal of Russian forces from Syria, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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