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Akar: Our forces are ready to carry out any mission in northern Syria

Turkish defense minister Hulusi Akar confirmed yesterday the readiness of the Turkish and security forces to carry out any mission assigned to them in northern Syria, and he hinted at the approaching of military operation, justifying his country’s position on the operation.

Akar clarified that his country’s forces with its equipment, weapons, motivation, and experience are completely ready to carry out any mission, and they have the determination to conduct such military operation.

He pointed out that the only aim of this operation is the national and border security, at a time the terrorist organizations seek to establish a terror cordon in the region but Turkey don’t allow this to happen.

He referred that “Turkey will face difficult situation if it doesn’t do so. Turkey toady is evaluating the situation as it did before, therefore it won’t allow any threats from this region and all have to know that the Turkish army is resolute.”

He stressed the need to understand Turkey’s attitude that the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is the same of People’s Protection Units(YPG), and he confirmed that his country will not allow the presence of such organizations on its border whoever behind them.

Akar also highlighted that Turkey respects the territorial integrity and sovereignty of neighboring countries, especially Syria and Iraq. But protecting its national security prompted it to carry out these military operations, and the only target is the terrorists and there is no ethnic, religious, or sectarian discrimination.

On Monday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reiterated, in a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, that the establishment of a 30 km-deep safe zone on Turkey’s southern border has become imperative.

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