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       The Syrian Coalition: Syria is threatened with famine due to the attacks of the Assad regime and the burning of agricultural crops

The Syrian National Coalition said in a statement the imports of livestock and agriculture in the country have declined due to the attacks of the Assad regime, Russia, and the Iranian militias on liberated areas and their burning of agricultural crops.

The member of the political committee, Muhammad Sallo, confirmed that “Syria is threatened with famine if the global food and agricultural products crisis caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues.”

Sallo added: “burning the major crops in the country has led to reduction of agricultural areas and pastures, which made securing fodder for animals very difficult.”

He pointed out that Syria was self-sufficient in wheat, cotton and citrus fruits, in addition to livestock, but is now threatened, like many countries in the world, after the decline in agricultural and livestock wealth.

The United Nations Development Program had confirmed that food insecurity in Syria has reached a “historic level”, amid a deteriorating social and economic cycle, while humanitarian needs have risen to peak levels.

The United Nations World Food Program had previously warned of an “alarming” food security scenario in Syria, as a result of the increase in food prices by more than 800%, the highest level since 2013, pointing out that 11 years of war in Syria , made millions of Syrians hanging by a thread.

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