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“Asharq Al-Awsat” Newspaper: The Turkish military operation in northern Syria involves several risks

“Asharq Al-Awsat” newspaper considered the upcoming Turkish military operation ,which Ankara talks about in northern Syria against Syrian Democratic Forces, involves several risks.

The newspaper’ report highlighted Turkey’s options if it launches a new military offensive in northern Syria against what it classifies as “terrorist” organizations that threaten Turkey’s national security.

The newspaper said in a report yesterday that a meeting was held between Turkish intelligence and military leaders in the National Army, during the meeting they discussed the areas that may be covered in the upcoming operation, which is represented by three areas that include the dividing lines in the “Peace Spring” area, which extends between the cities of “Tal Abyad” and “Ras al-Ain” east of the Euphrates, in addition to the cities of “Manbij” and “Tal Rifaat” north of Aleppo.

The report touched on what it called the areas of influence of the forces in the region, represented by the “red zone” east of the Euphrates, where the US forces has reinforced their positions with the aim of protecting their allies, the Syrian Democratic Forces, and impeding any Turkish military action, and it also witnessed reinforcement by the Russian forces.

It clarified that the attack on the city of “Manbij”, west of the Euphrates, which covered the “yellow-gray” region, may lead to an escalation of American voices, especially in Congress, to activate imposing sanctions again on Turkey.

“Asharq Al-Awsat” considered that the city of “Tal Rifaat” may be the easiest region for Turkey to carry out its military operation, unlike the rest of the regions, noting that this depends on a green light from Russia.

Turkey continues to push more heavily armed military columns of various types of weapons into its areas of influence in northern Syria, amid Turkish media talk about the approaching of “zero hour” to start military operations with the aim of completing the plan to establish a “safe” zone along the country’s southern border.

On Saturday, Turkish President Erdogan renewed his country’s determination to continue its military operations aimed at completing the safe zone along the border with Syria.

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