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Putin threatens to strike new targets.. And Russian missile flies over a nuclear facility

Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed, on Sunday, that supplying American launch rocket systems to Ukraine doesn’t change anything in the field equation.

Putin said: “if the west continue to supply Ukraine with long-range missiles, Russia will strike new facilities it hasn’t hit before.”

Putin didn’t name the targets Russia planned to hit if western counties start supplying long-range rockets to Ukraine.

Russian missile flew over a nuclear facility

The Ukrainian State Nuclear Energy Company said one cruise missile flew critically low, on Sunday, over a major nuclear power plant.

The company that operates Pevdnoukrainska nuclear power plant, also called the southern nuclear power plant, added in a post on telegram “probably this rocket was headed towards Kyiv.” 

Several explosions rocked the Ukrainian capital in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Pevdnoukrainska is Ukraine’s second largest nuclear plant and is located near the Mykolaiv region, about 350 km south of Kyiv.

Source: agencies

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