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German International Police presents a method to contact with the families of Tadamon massacre victims

The German International Police opened a channel of communication with the families of Tadamon massacre victims, which took place in Damascus by Assad regime forces in 2013, and The UK’s Guardian newspaper published a report on the Tadamon massacre.

The two researchers at “Holocaust and Genocide Institute” in Amsterdam university, Ansar Shahoud, and Professor Ugur Ungor, who uncovered the massacre of al-Tadamon neighborhood, have called on through a joint statement the families of massacre victims to submit reports containing all information about the victims to the German International Police Agency specialized in war crimes (BKA). 

The statement clarified that “the German Police will undertake the process of identifying the victims in accordance with the scientific and professional conditions, as a priority, a humanitarian necessity, and a step towards justice.”

The UK’s Guardian newspaper had previously published in late April, a video showing an officer of the Assad regime forces, Amjad Youssef, shot dead at least 41 men and threw them into a pit then poured fuel and burned them.

It is noteworthy that the two researchers who prepared the investigation, Ansar Shahoud and Professor Ugur Ungor, working at “Holocaust and Genocide Institute” in Amsterdam university, were able to arrest the officer Amjad al-Youssef and obtained a video confession from him for his crime.

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