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Danish Immigration : Most of the returnees to Syria were subjected to violations by the Assad regime

The Danish Immigration Service said in a report entitled “Return to Syria” that most of the Syrian refugees who have returned to their country during the past five years have been subjected to violations by the Assad regime.

The report confirmed that Assad regime’s policy towards the return of refugees is “unclear” and pointed out that Assad regime called on the Syrians to return to their country without subjecting them to any violations.

The report clarified that the officer in charge of border checkpoint or any security branch has the power to take the decision on Syrian returnees.

He added that the worsening economic situation in Syria contributed to increasing the extortion cases of returnees, and pointed out that those previously unwanted people were at risk of arrest by security services when they return.

The report indicated that the number of Syrian returnees were 282000 during the last five years most of them from neighboring countries, including 100000 from Turkey.

It should be noted that the figures in UNHCR data are only those that have been verified or monitored by UNHCR and do not reflect the total number of returnees, which may be much higher.

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