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German Statistical Office: Syrians ranked first to become naturalized for 2021

The Federal Statistical Office in Germany issued a statement yesterday, Friday, announcing  that 19095 Syrians became naturalized German citizens during 2021, placing Syrians first in the number of naturalizations.

The Office said: “the total number of foreigners who became German citizens increased 20% in 2021, and reached 131595, including 19100 Syrians.”

The Office clarified that the Syrians ranked first in the number of naturalizations, followed by the Turks 12245 and the Romanians 6920.

The statement pointed out that “the average period for Syrians becoming naturalized Germans was 5-6 years.”

The Office confirmed that “the number of Syrians who naturalize is expected to rise at the start of this year.”

It is noteworthy that after former Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the borders in 2015 to refugees fleeing war in the Middle East and beyond, hundreds of thousands of migrants entered Germany.  

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