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The Syrian Coalition: Assad regime circumvents the sanctions and turns Syria into a narco-state

The Syrian National Coalition said: “the Assad regime’s circumvention of the sanctions is considered a crime, and the sanctions should be comprehensive to block all Assad’s funding sources that it depends on through illegal means.”

The coalition said in a statement: “Assad regime’s frequent attempt to circumvent the sanctions and avoid economic paralysis through drug traffic is considered another crime to be added to its various crimes.”

The statement added that “Assad regime backed by foreign and local militias has turned Syria into a narco-state on the Mediterranean basin by producing drugs in its areas and distributing them to neighboring countries using illegal means.”

The statement pointed out that “the Assad regime bears full responsibility for producing drugs in its controlled areas and importing them.”   

The coalition has called for more sanctions and cut all relations with Assad regime at the Arab and international level, in addition to proceed effectively in achieving the political transition in Syria in accordance with the security council resolution 2254 to ensure the regional security and restore the effective and real role of  Syria.  

A member of the political body and the foreign relations committee in the coalition, Salim al-Khatib, had previously stressed the importance of the American role in preventing normalization with the Assad regime and thwarting any attempt to do so, and called for tightening sanctions against the regime and any entity that normalizes with it.

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