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Newspaper: Strengthening Iran’s power in Syria threatens the interests of Russia and Turkey

The Russian newspaper “Izvestia” confirmed that since the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, Iran has been actively working to increase its presence in Syria, and this comes in an article entitled “The Syrian Triangle: Iran threatens the interests of Russia and Turkey.”

According to the newspaper, the researcher in the Middle East Department of the Institute of Practical Information of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vasily Ostanin Golovnya said: “The increase in the presence of Iranian militias and Shiite forces loyal to Iran in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon achieves two tasks for Tehran.”

Golovnya explained, “The first task is to distract Israel and the United States from its borders, and the second is to implement a long-term plan to create a permanent corridor in the Mediterranean by supporting friendly forces in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.”

The researcher, Danila Krylov, ruled out that the Russian interest in Syria had decreased due to the special operation in Ukraine.

Krylov considered that in the event of a sharp escalation in Syria, Russia will show its military and political presence clearly and accurately, stressing that strengthening Iran’s power in Syria in the future may create difficulties for Turkey.

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