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Al-Monitor: There is a possibility of a military escalation between Ankara and Tehran in Syria

The American Al-Monitor website published a report, clarifying that there is a possibility of a military escalation between Turkey and Iran in Syria if Turkey launches its military operation against the Syrian Democratic Forces.

This comes after Tehran confirmed its rejection for the Turkish military operation and feared for its areas of influence there as it sent reinforcements to its militia in Nubl and Zahra towns in Aleppo countryside, a region not far from Tel Rifaat which Turkey plans to target.

The website indicated that Turkey’s seizure of Tel Rifaat would jeopardize the bases of the pro-Iranian militias in Zahra and Nubl, as well as Aleppo city.

The website stressed that while Tehran has been trying to dissuade Ankara from launching military operation, it was making military preparations on the ground to protect its interests.

The website noted that Russia’s continuous contacts with Turkey serve as an “insurance compass” to reduce the risks of confrontation between the Turkish forces on the one hand, and the Assad regime forces and Iranian militias on the other.

The Jusoor Center for Studies had said: The Syrian Democratic Forces are conducting political and military movements, as pre-emptive steps to confront the possible Turkish military operation in northern Syria as coordination with Iran, an option that it seems to have resorted to in the Tal Rifaat area by establishing a room Joint operations to counter any possible military operation.

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