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The International Coalition brings new reinforcements to northern Syria

The local “Ein al-Furat” network reported that military reinforcements of the International Coalition have arrived from Iraq to northeastern  areas of Syria to back and support its bases in the region.

According to the network, the reinforcements included about 20 truckers carrying logistic equipment entered al-Hasakah through al-Waleed border crossing with the Kurdistan-Iraq region.  

The network explained that the truckers transported military and logistic equipment accompanied by military vehicles headed towards the International Coalition base in al-Shaddadi city in al-Hasakah countryside.

The International Coalition is seeking to strengthen and back its forces and military bases in the regions of northeastern Syria, coinciding with news that the Coalition is seeking to return to its bases which it withdrew from years ago in the Ain al-Arab region, east of Aleppo.

It is noteworthy that the International Coalition sent military and logistical reinforcements through a convoy of 15 trucks last May, which arrived at the “Rmelan” oil field, east of al-Hasakah province, to fight the “Islamic State” organization (ISIS).

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