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The European Union allocates €50 million to support Syrian refugees in Turkey

The European Commission has allocated€50 million to cash assistance program to support Syrian refugees in Turkey in order to address refugees issues by providing them with specialized health care, psychological and social support, and legal counselling.

The European Commission has confirmed in a statement that the assistance includes the basic needs as rents, transportation, food, and medicine. It also clarified that this humanitarian assistance(€50 million) comes as a part of the assistance package already announced by the EU Commission in June 2021 to support the refugees in Turkey until 2024.

The European Commission has indicated that part of the cash assistance will be provided to the EU Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN), which provides assistance to over 1.5 million refugees in Turkey.   

The total financial assistance provided by the Commission to Turkey amounts to approximately 34 billion euros since 2021.

According to the Turkish Immigration Department, the number of Syrian refugees holding a temporary protection card (Kamlik)in Turkey has reached about three million and 715 thousand and 913 Syrians.

The donor countries had previously pledged at the “Brussels Conference” on the future of Syria and the region to provide more than $6.6 billion to help the Syrian people and the countries hosting refugees. The donor countries stressed that the aid provided will not include the reconstruction file until a political settlement is reached in the country in accordance with UN Resolution 2254.

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