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A Turkish mayor attacks Syrian refugees and complains about the increase in their numbers

The mayor of the Turkish “Hatay” municipality, affiliated with the opposition Republican People’s Party, complained about the increase in the number of Syrian refugees in the state near the Syrian border.

Lütfü Savaş said that Turkish citizens, with an average of 4 people, take care of a Syrian refugee in economic terms, through the services provided by the municipality to the Syrians, which are the right of the Turks.

The Turkish “sondakika” website quoted “Savaş” statements in which he criticized the Turkish government, saying that the government had left him alone in facing the negative consequences of the presence of refugees in the state, wondering why.

He claimed that the state and its residents bear great burdens due to the presence of Syrian refugees, at a time when the state’s economic and financial losses are increasing, explaining that the presence of refugees is forcing the municipality to establish new roads and secure huge quantities of water.

Savaş talked about the number of Syrian births and stressed that it is more than twice the number of Turkish births, pointing out that if these children do not receive a good education or if they do not attend school, they will be a source of concern for his country in the future.

He claimed that the cycle of war and the behavior of Syrian children indicate that they are still under the influence of the conflict, as they draw weapons and tanks in schools, which was considered a source of danger and threat.

The Turkish opposition is launching a campaign of incitement against the presence of refugees in Turkey, especially Syrians, which has caused racist practices against them by some segments of Turkish society as a number of them have died due to the hostilities, specifically in Istanbul.

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