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Moscow: Washington is responsible for the food and fuel crisis in Syria

Russian Deputy Representative to the United Nations, Dmitry Polyansky, said that the United States of America is responsible for the food and fuel crisis in Syria.

Polyansky said during a session of UN Security Council yesterday, “Reports about the food and fuel crisis in Syria, for which the United States bears responsibility raises more concern given the sanctions imposed by Washington and the occupation of the northeast of the country.”

He added, “Washington’s statements and many other capitals concerning the unilateral sanctions are complying with its international commitments, and the allegations about their precise nature are not only false and unconvincing, but also show the inhumane attitude towards the civilians in Syria.”

Polyansky pointed out that “Syrians are suffering from hunger, and some medical facilities have suspended in some areas, and fuel shortages have affected the work of water systems, which threatening thousands of Syrian farmers.”

Syria is witnessing a major economic and food crisis in most regions due to the sanctions imposed on the Assad regime by the United States of America and other countries, which caused the collapse of the economy and the deterioration of the living conditions for many Syrians.

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