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The Syrian Opposition Coalition: The Lebanese government’s threat of forcibly deporting the Syrians has disastrous consequences

The head of the Syrian Opposition Coalition, Salem al-Meslat, condemned the statements of the Lebanon’s caretaker premier, Najib Mikati, which contained a threat to the international community to deport the Syrian refugees to their country.

Al-Meslat said in a statement yesterday that the influence of Iran and Hezbollah Militia on the Lebanese government and their control over its decisions have led to inability and the failure in the management of crises. Therefore, the government blamed and held the Syrian refugees the responsibility for the crises it goes through to justify its failure while ignoring the threats if they deported to Assad regime-held areas.  

The statement clarified that the World Refugee Day (June 20) is an occasion to draw the world’s attention to the conditions of oppressed people who were forced to flee in order to seek a safe life away from persecution, oppression, and plight.

The statement called for “the need to protect the rights of refugees around the world in accordance with international laws and norms to ensure their protection, assistance and social rights.”

The statement warned that any forced deportation of refugees would be the first step towards arrest, disappearance, and murder by Assad regime.  

The statement stressed that the international community have to push the political process towards and implement the international resolutions including, the Resolution 2254, to achieve the political transition that paves the way for willingly, dignified, and safe return of refugees to their homes.  

The National Coalition called for holding Assad regime accountable for the war crimes it committed against the Syrian people.

The Syrian refugees in Lebanon are subjected to discrimination, racism, and arrest by the Lebanese authorities on various charges. They also suffer from difficult humanitarian conditions. Their numbers reach approximately one million and 100 thousand refugees, with the Lebanese authorities continue to threat the Syrians to return them to their country.

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