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The UNHCR: Most Syrians do not plan to return to their country

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees confirmed that most Syrian refugees in the Middle East do not plan to return to Syria in the near future.

The UNHCR conducted an opinion poll in Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq, in which it said: The Syrian refugees in the countries neighboring Syria are the most numerous among the Syrians who sought refuge in different parts of the world.

The poll showed that 92.8% of the Syrian refugees said they do not intend to return to Syria within the next 12 months, compared to 1.7% who said they intend to return and 5.6% who said they were unsure. Of those who refuse to return to their country, 77% said they would stay in their current country, while 16% said they would go to a new country. 

The UNHCR indicated that 57% of those polled said they eventually plan to return to their homes in Syria. The UNHCR pointed out that the number of Syrians who do not plan to return soon has increased since it began conducting these surveys in 2017.

Syrian refugees in neighboring countries face pressure and sometimes threats for return, which they consider inappropriate. The United Nations confirms that returning home should be linked to the presence of a safe environment at a time Syria is considered the worst city in the world to live in.

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