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“Newsweek” newspaper warns of the risk of U.S.-Russia clash in Syria

“Newsweek” newspaper published an article by the writer Bonnie Kristian in which she warned of the risk of a confrontation between the Russian and American forces. She considered that Washington could defuse the threat of war and completely withdraw from Syria in the light of unprecedented tension in Europe.

Kristian emphasized that the two armies stationed in Syria are not in open conflict, but that they operate in neighborhoods close to each other and often on opposing forces.

Kristian explained that the crisis in Eastern Europe and rising tension between the two countries are increasing the risks of outbreak of war between Moscow and Washington. She noted that any misstep or misunderstanding could plunge us into unwanted war.

Kristian pointed out that this notion (the war) even scare the hawks because Washington and Moscow’s nuclear arsenals, if used, are enough to destroy the world many times over.

She said that the risk could be eliminated with a safer and more prudent policy by the U.S. in addition to a complete military withdrawal from Syria.

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