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The Assad regime brings new troops to crack down on the Rukban camp, and reports indicate that Assad plans to plant mines around it

The residents of al-Rukban camp are still suffering from very dire living conditions due to the stifling siege imposed by the Assad regime on the camp, threatening a humanitarian catastrophe in the camp, according to media reports.

The Assad regime has recently increased the number of troops in areas close to the al-Rukban camp and brought military vehicles and bulldozers to build earth berms separating the camp and the areas leading to al-Badia.

The Assad regime forces have brought its troops from al-Sukhna and Palmyra towns to plant mines around the camp to crack down on the camp and prevent any family or individual from leaving it at a time the displaced people are trying to get out of it despite the risks of arrest in Assad regime-controlled areas.

The residents of the camp risk their lives to get out of it due to the low living standard, the shortage in medical services, the lack of food, diseases and epidemics outbreak among the residents, in addition to the high temperatures, which in turn increase the suffering of the residents.

It is noteworthy that al-Rukban camp was formed in 2014 on the Syrian-Jordanian border in an area established by the International Coalition. The camp initially has more than 40,000 displaced people, but the number decreased a lot due to the families leaving it.

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