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A Lebanese minister reveals a plan to return Syrian refugees to their country

The Lebanese Minister of the Displaced, Issam Sharaf El-Din, revealed a plan to return Syrian refugees to Syria, which includes the return of 15,000 displaced people per month.

Sharaf El-Din explained, “Lebanon submitted proposals to the regional director of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Iaki Ito, who promised to review his proposals and answer them in writing.”

Sharaf El-Din referred to another plan to form a tripartite committee with the Assad regime and the UNHCR, in addition to a quartet committee with Turkey, Iraq, and Jordan to achieve this return.

Sharaf El-Din said, “The war has ended and the country has become safe, and it is completely unacceptable that the displaced people will not return. He affirmed that he is in contact with the Syrian side, which intends to establish the tripartite committee.”

Regarding the time period, he clarified that the Syrian state based on the statistics conducted by the Lebanese Ministry of Interior will deport a village by village or a suburb by suburb so that the displaced people return and the shelter is equipped with all the necessities.

Sharaf El-Din pointed out that “it is not possible to return one and a half million displaced people all at once. We said an average of 15,000 displaced people per month, and the matter is considered good. The Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati has previously called on the international community to cooperate with Lebanon to return the displaced Syrians to their country. Otherwise, Lebanon will have a position that is not desirable for Western countries, which is to work to get the Syrians out of Lebanon by legal means.

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