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Meeting of the International Coalition countries in Baghdad discusses the “security concerns” related to the camps in northeast Syria

The International Coalition published a statement yesterday in which it said that the meeting that took place in Baghdad earlier aims for international action to address the issues of the displaced people camps in northeastern Syria and the security concerns related to them.

The statement came after a meeting held by the Coalition with the participation of the “Combined Joint Task Force” and “Operation Inherent Resolve” officials and representatives from Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. The meeting was headed by the French commander of the operations of the International Coalition, Vincent Coste, who discussed the security concerns in northeastern Syria.

In Baghdad, where the meeting was held, the participants discussed the ongoing efforts by the government of Iraq to repatriate its citizens. Efforts are continue to return the residents of the camps from other countries to find a permanent solution for the concerns related to camps.

The security concerns that the Coalition talked about are related to the children who are being focused on to prevent them from turning to the ideology, which Islamic State (ISIS) spreads. The French general who headed the meeting affirmed that al-Hol camp forms a fertile ground to recruit the ISIS member and poses a long-lasting threat to the security and stability that Coalition and partner forces are working to achieve.

The participants stressed on the necessity of the solution to be global, not just Iraq and northeastern Syria. They also affirmed that the solution must include the communities to which people will return, and these communities must be able to accept the return of displaced people so that both the communities and returning people are able to prosper.

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