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Emergency meeting between an American delegation and leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the city of Manbij

Leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces met yesterday with an American delegation at al-Matahn headquarters in Manbij city in northeastern Aleppo countryside.

Local sources reported that several American vehicles accompanied by helicopters arrived the city of Manbij and immediately met with the Syrian Democratic Forces’ leaders in al-Matahn headquarters. The American delegation suggested that the Syrian Democratic leaders handed over the Manbij city to the Turkish forces to avoid any military action, east of Euphrates.

According to the sources, the Syrian Democratic Forces expressed their dissatisfaction with the meeting’s results, and they were unable to convince the delegation of the need to protect them from the Turkish operation, so the American delegation left after a short tour in the city.

The Syrian Democratic Forces declared yesterday a state of emergency in north and east of Syria to confront the Turkish threats, according to a statement No.8 and published by the official websites on social media.

The SDF have also raised the readiness of troops “to confront any potential attack,” describing the phase as a “state of war,” amid the Turkish threats.

Turkish statements are escalating concerning launching the upcoming military operation into the areas controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces in northern and eastern Aleppo countryside, where “Tal Rifaat” area and its surroundings constitute a possible target.

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