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The Syrian Network for Human Rights reveals the number of people released under Bashar al-Assad’s latest amnesty decree

The Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR) issued a report yesterday in which it revealed that the Assad regime has released about 547 detainees so far, according to the amnesty decree it issued on April 30 for the perpetrators of “terrorist crimes” in Syria.

The report confirmed that it has documented the release of hundreds of female and male detainees from various military and civil prisons and security branches in Syrian governorates on May 1, 2022 up to July 15, 2022.

The report clarified that among the 547 detainees 16 people who had been children at the time of their arrest, in addition to 61 women and at least 158 detainees had settled their security situation before being arrested and had been granted a settlement pledge that they would not expose security branches.

The report added that 28 individuals of refugees and those living abroad were arrested after returning to Syria including 4 women.

The SNHR called on the international community to pressure the Assad regime to release about 132,000 individuals still detained in Assad’s prisons, including 87,000 people who are forcibly disappeared.

The network also called for the abolition of the exceptional courts of the Assad regime, and the annulment of all rulings issued by them, as they violate many of the basic rights of the Syrian citizen.

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