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The Syrian Democratic Forces threaten Turkey and affirm the deployment of the Assad regime forces in its areas of influence

The chief commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, Mazloum Abdi, said yesterday in a press conference that the Assad regime have deployed its troops in their areas of influence in northeastern Syria.

Hawar news agency close to the Syrian Democratic Forces quoted Abdi as saying “the significant Russian efforts to stop the escalation.”

Abdi added that the Assad regime has deployed reinforcements in Ain al-Arab and Tal Rifaat, “and they are still working on Manbij in coordination with the Russian side”.

Abdi has threatened the Turkish army with a full operation, which he called “the entire northern Syrian battle. He said there is no place left for us to withdraw to, the battle will be all over northern Syria, and it will not be limited.

He pointed out that “the Turkish army and the factions backed by it will first face the forces of the Syrian government and all Syrians in this war.”

Abdi has mentioned the October 2019 agreement between the Syrian Democratic Forces on the one hand and the Assad regime forces under Russian auspices on the other, which took place due to the Turkish “Peace Spring” operation, and at the time led to the stop of the Turkish attack.

Abdi had previously confirmed his intention to seek the Assad regime’s support to repel any possible attack by Turkish forces in northeastern Syria, calling on it to “take the Turkish attack seriously and play its role in a practical way.”

The Turkish president had previously announced that “Ankara plans to cleanse Tel Rifaat and Manbij in Syria of terrorists.”

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