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Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper reveals that the reason for the outbreak of malnutrition in Assad regime-controlled areas is the poverty

Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper said that malnutrition disease in the Assad regime-controlled areas is witnessing a great spread, and stressed that the disease coincides with dire living conditions and shortages of medicines and medical equipment.

The newspaper quoted a laboratory doctor in Damascus that many results of laboratory analyzes show that their owners suffer from vitamin deficiency, especially vitamin D, B, and B12 deficiencies.

The doctor confirmed to the newspaper that the loss of vitamins that are necessary for the body related to the nerves and the balance of minerals caused diseases such as neuropathy, heart diseases, stomach diseases, osteoporosis, and others. This coincides with local testimonies to the newspaper in which it confirmed that most people living in Assad regime-controlled areas depend on remittances from their relatives to buy medicines for chronic diseases, which they often do not find in Syria, and they used to buy them from Lebanon.

It is noteworthy that the average salary of the Syrian citizen residing in the Assad regime-controlled areas is ranked globally among the lowest average, as the citizen’s income does not exceed 35 dollars for the first categories of university professors and employees of the first category.

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