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Statement issued by the Assad regime’s army: “We are ready to confront the Turkish army”

SANA news agency affiliated to the Assad regime confirmed in a statement by the General Command of the Army and Armed Forces published on its official website that the Assad army is ready to confront the Turkish army in the case Turkey launches military operation in northeast Syrian territories.

The statement added that the Turkish army is practicing what it called provocations on the Syrian territories, and Assad regime forces are ready to confront it.

The commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, “Mazloum Abdi,” held a press conference, in which he said that the forces welcomed the Assad regime’s reinforcement of their presence in the areas they control in northeastern Syria, and praised what he called Russia’s efforts to stop the escalation in the region, describing these efforts as significant.

The Assad regime has reinforced its troops in Ain al-Arab and Tal Rifaat. Abdi affirmed that the Syrian Democratic Forces have reinforced the deployment of Assad forces in Manbij, northeast Aleppo, in coordination with the Russian forces. Abdi has praised the 2019 agreement between his forces and the Assad regime forces under Russian auspices, which led to the stop of “Peace Spring” operation.

On the other hand, Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said today, Wednesday, that Turkey could launch the military operation in northeastern Syria at any time.

The Turkish army continues to bring more military convoys to Aleppo countryside, coinciding with targeting the Syrian Democratic Forces’ positions in the area.

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