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Turkey announces its full support for the Assad regime against the Syrian Democratic Forces

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced yesterday that his country is fully prepared to support the Assad regime to confront the Syrian Democratic Forces backed by the international coalition.

Cavusoglu said that his country has previously held talks with Iran regarding the expulsion of terrorists from the area. He added, “We will provide Assad regime with all kinds of political support, according to Anadolu News Agency.”

Cavusoglu affirmed, “It is the natural right of the Assad regime to remove the terrorist organization from its territory, but it is not right to consider the Turkish-backed National Army factions as “terrorists.”

Cavusoglu expressed his annoyance concerning US’ sympathy for killing a leader in the Syrian Democratic Forces, considering this as an indication of “US’ lack of sincerity in fighting terrorism.”

Cavusoglu clarified that the United States and Russia did not fulfill their promises to expel the “terrorists” from the region.

Turkish presidential spokesman, Ibrahim Kalin, said last June “there were no political contacts between the Turkish government and the Assad regime so far.”

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