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The Lebanese Prosecutor seizes the Syrian ship accused of carrying stolen grain from Ukraine

The Lebanese channel LBC published a statement yesterday issued by the Public Prosecution in Lebanon, confirming that it had seized the Syrian ship “Laodicea” accused of carrying “stolen grains” from Ukraine docked in Tripoli port.

This statement came after the Ukrainian embassy in Lebanon sought to obtain a judicial decision to seize the ship for 72 hours, and the investigation about the ship was referred to the information division.

Lebanese foreign minister Abdullah Bou Habib said that he had received “a number of complaints from Western countries following the docking of the ship raising the Syrian flag at the port of Tripoli carrying flour and barley heading to Lebanon”. He noted that “Ukraine said that Russia has stolen it.”

The Ukrainian embassy in Beirut announced a few days ago that the US-sanctioned Syrian ship sailed from a port in Crimea, which is closed to the international shipping, had docked in the northern Lebanese port of Tripoli carrying 5,000 tons of barley and 5,000 tons of flour that Russia had stolen from Ukrainian stores.

The Ukrainian embassy in Beirut had previously accused Russia of sending about 100,000 tons of stolen wheat from Ukraine to the Assad regime, since it invaded the country on February 24, describing these stolen shipments as a Russian “criminal activity.”

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