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Lebanon denies taking “discriminatory measures” against Syrian refugees

Lebanon Foreign Affairs confirmed in an official statement its denial of taking any discriminatory measures against the Syrian refugees on its territories.

The statement came after The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees issued a statement expressed its deep concern over the restrictive practices and discriminatory measures based on nationality. The UNHCR called on the Lebanese authorities to ensure the rule of law and to immediately stop the violence and discrimination against the target people inside the Lebanese territories.

The ministry considered that “similar data deepen the disparity and increase the crises experienced by the displaced Syrians and the Lebanese communities hosting them.”

The statement clarified that “the food crisis that the world is witnessing is doubling its impact on Lebanon due to the economic problems that the country is suffering.”

The statement pointed out that “Lebanon has repeatedly warned of this situation which will inevitably lead to a competition among the Lebanese, Palestinian refugees, displaced Syrians over the limited food resources.”

Displaced persons and refugees constitute a third of the population of Lebanon about 7 million people, which means 80 % of the Lebanese live below the poverty line. This continuation will lead to an increase in the level of tensions and security incidents, according to the statement.

It is noteworthy that Lebanon has been witnessing dire living conditions during the past few days, represented by the bread crisis, which is no longer easy to obtain, as the Lebanese and refugees stand in queues in front of the bakeries to get the bundle of bread, causing problems between the two sides.

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