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The final statement between Erdogan and Putin

The Turkish and Russian presidents have agreed on the importance of preserving Syria’s unity and territorial integrity. They also reaffirmed their determination to act in coordination and solidarity against the terrorist organizations in the region.

The final statement of their meeting in the Russian city of Sochi was on Friday and lasted for 4 hours.

The two presidents stressed the need to activate the political process in Syria and to preserve the territorial integrity. They confirmed the importance of the joint work and coordination in the two countries to fight “terrorism.”  

They affirmed on the need to push the political process forward in order to reach a lasting solution in Syria.

The two presidents discussed many international and mutual issues between the two countries, including “Ukraine and the crisis of exporting the grain, fertilizer and raw materials for their production, the integrity and unity of Libyan territories, ramping up trade between the two countries on the basis of balance and achieving the set goals.”

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