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Assad regime forces shell with heavy artillery separate areas in northwestern Syria

The Assad regime forces escalated the shelling today on separate areas in northwestern Syria, according to our correspondent.

Our correspondent said that Assad regime forces targeted with heavy artillery the vicinity of Maaret al-Nasaan in Idleb northeastern countryside. However, no casualties were reported.

The correspondent added that Hersh Benin town in Jabal al-Zawiya, south Idlib, was subjected to artillery shelling by Assad regime forces. The losses were limited to material damage.

Assad regime forces also targeted with heavy artillery Kafr Amma and Kafr Taal towns in Aleppo western countryside, according to our correspondent.

A Turkish drone targeted yesterday a military point of the Assad regime forces in “Tal Jarkli” in the countryside of Ain al-Arab, northeast of Aleppo, killing and wounding more than 20 members.

The villages and towns of Idlib in southern countryside are subjected to continuous shelling by the Assad regime forces and the militias loyal to them using the heavy artillery and rocket launchers, which resulted in the dozens of civilian deaths and injuries.

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