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Jusoor for Studies: Syrian refugees will not return until the Assad regime change

The director of Jusoor Center for Studies Muhammad Sarmini said yesterday through a series of tweets published on his Tweeter account that “the Syrians don’t trust the guarantees of Russia and Iran despite its actual presence in Syria. He also said that refugees’ return to their country will not achieved with Assad regime remains in power.

These tweets came to clarify his statements quoted by “Turkey” newspaper in its article about the presence of Turkish plan to return the Syrian refugees to three governorates controlled by Assad regime, pointing to the possibility of a mistake in translating his statements and attributing words to him that he did not say on imperialism in Syria.

Sarmini considered that Turkey has worked to find different formulas to implement political settlements. The Assad regime was obstructing all international and regional efforts.

Sarmini pointed out that the other countries that may guarantee the return of Syrian refugees do not have the sufficient influence and tools for monitoring and evaluation then for pressure and obligation except Turkey, which was forced to immediate intervene for preserving the rest of the opposition areas included in the Astana agreement.

Sarmini stressed that the Assad regime will not abandon its security mentality, and is not expected to abide by any guarantees in the various initiatives aimed at the return of refugees, turning Syria into a base for Russia, camps for Iran, and a market for manufacturing terrorism and drugs.

“Turkey” newspaper stated in a report by journalist Yilmaz Blingen that Turkey is working on a plan, in cooperation with Russia and Iran, to return Syrian refugees to thee Syrian governorates, according to conditions and guarantees that the three countries are working to agree on.

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