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The Syrian National Coalition condemns al-Bab massacre and demands accountability for its perpetrators

The Syrian National Coalition condemned yesterday in a statement the massacre committed by the Assad regime and the Syrian Democratic Forces in al-Bab city east of Aleppo, affirming that this massacre is a war crime which resulted in the killing of 15 civilians and wounding 30 others.

The Coalition said in a statement that the suffering of Syrian can’t end or be reduced as long as Assad regime is in power with its allies and militias. The Coalition considered this criminal alliance is based on terrorism, murder, repression, and genocide, which we see every day against our people in the liberated areas.

The statement called for an immediate international action to condemn this crime, which targeted a popular market in al-Bab city, and to hold its perpetrators accountable who have a record full of war crimes and crimes against humanity. The statement also called for providing international security for the liberated areas in Syria to evade deepening the humanitarian tragedy inflicted upon the Syrian people and preserving millions of displaced peoples’ life.

The statement stressed that these crimes will not change Syrian people’s goals who have been sacrificing for 11 years in order to get rid of Assad regime and the occupations it has brought and to obtain the liberty, dignity, and security. The statement encouraged the Syrian National Army to encounter these terrorist forces to deter them from targeting more civilians.

The statement stated that letting the Syrian people die ever day in the various liberated areas is due to the criminality of the Assad regime and its militias, and the inaction of the international community, which failed to advance the political process and implement the relevant international resolutions, especially UN Resolution 2254, to achieve a political transition that meets the aspirations of the Syrian people.

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