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The Syrian National Army targets joint sites of the Assad regime and the Syrian Democratic Forces

The Syrian National Army Factions on Friday-Saturday night targeted with rocket launchers the Assad regime and the Syrian Democratic Forces’ sites in response to the massacre committed yesterday in al-Bab city in Aleppo countryside.

Violent clashes took place between the Syrian National Army and the Syrian Democratic Forces on the axes of Daghlbash, west of al-Bab city, east Aleppo.

The Syrian National Army said through its official accounts that the Army targeted Kuweires military airport, northeastern Aleppo, controlled by the Assad regime.

The Army confirmed the killing of a number of Assad regime forces and members of the Syrian Democratic Forces and injuring others to different severity by bombarding join sites of them with rocket lanuchers.

Several missiles landed in a popular market yesterday in the center of al-Bab city, in eastern Aleppo countryside, causing dozens of civilian casualties.

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