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“The Guardian”: Syrian refugees are concerned about normalization between Turkey and the Assad regime

The “Guardian” newspaper said in its report yesterday that the Turkish-Syrian imminent rapprochement raises Syrian refugees’ concerns in the region, especially after the recent Turkish statements issued by the Turkish president “Erdoghan” and a number of state officials about the possible communication with the Assad regime after many years.

The report found that the opposition in northern Syria and in the areas controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces oppose the normalization between Ankara and Damascus, as the rapprochement will lead to mass demographic exchange and forced return of millions of refugees.

The report made it clear that that the recent Turkish statements are an indicator to the new policy that Turkey adopted from Assad regime after it was the most prominent leader to overthrow the regime a decade ago.

The report confirmed that the direct communications with the Assad regime are not possible now, but it is expected to resume contacts between security officials.

“Reuters” news agency had earlier quoted Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu as saying that there is a dialogue taking place between the Turkish intelligence services and those affiliated with the Assad regime, and this has not been hidden by Turkey previously and has been stated several times.

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