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Britain presents a new draft resolution to the UN Human Rights Council on Syria

Britain submitted a new draft resolution to the International Human Rights Council, regarding the harsh humanitarian conditions in Syria, behind which the Assad regime and its supporters stand.

Britain announced that it had submitted a draft resolution to the Human Rights Council on Syria, on behalf of France, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Qatar, Turkey and America.

Britain’s ambassador to the United Nations and the World Trade Organization in Geneva, Simon Manley, said: “The Assad regime has the ability to end the humanitarian crisis in Syria, by genuinely engaging in the UN operation under the auspices of its special envoy, but it refuses to do so.”

Manley added, “In this decision, they focused on the victims of enforced disappearance,” noting that there are tens of thousands of civilians who have disappeared with the knowledge of the Assad regime, but he refuses to reveal their fate to their families.

He continued, “We hope that the council will adopt this resolution unanimously, and I urge all council members to vote in favor of the resolution, as this is the least that the Syrian people deserve.”

It is noteworthy that the bloody crimes committed by Russia, the Assad regime and Iran in Syria have forced millions of Syrians to flee their country and seek refuge in neighboring countries and Europe.

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