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Britain: We reject normalizing relations with the Assad regime

UK renewed its rejection to normalize the diplomatic relations with the Assad regime, this came in a comment made by the UK special representative for Syria, Jonathan Hargreaves, on Bashar al-Assad’s visit to UAE last Friday.

Jonathan Hargreaves criticized the visit, witting on Twitter that ” Bashar-al Assad visited the United Arab Emirates on 18 March. After 11 years of conflict Assad’s unreformed and unrepentant regime continues to commit atrocities against the Syrian people.”

 He confirmed that his country opposed to any normalization of relations with the Assad regime. He called to further international measures to hold him accountable for his violations committed against the Syrian people.

Hargreaves renewed his country’s call on all parties to abide by Security Council Resolution 2254. He also called on the Assad regime and its allies to stop committing crimes that violate human rights and international humanitarian law, and not to obstruct efforts made by the United Nations to settle the “conflict” in the country. Through meaningful participation in the Constitutional Committee meetings in Geneva at its 7th session.

Hargreaves pointed out in his interview with ”Al-Araby Al-Jadeed: “Normalizing or rehabilitating relations with the Asaad regime will not improve the humanitarian situation in Syria, stressing firm rejection to normalize with the Assad regime.  

He explained that the United Kingdom understands the frustration prevailing among some regional countries over the political settlement of the Syrian file, but these countries should not normalize their diplomatic relations with it, especially since this process will hinder efforts to bring peace, noting that Bashar al-Assad should not be legitimized in exchange for nothing, given his lack of remorse for the atrocities committed by his regime against the Syrian people.

Hargreaves said that the possibility of returning the Assad regime to the Arab League must be linked to a fruitful progress in the political process, and to prove its ability to rejoin societies and abide by the relevant international resolutions for a settlement.

It is noteworthy that Bashar al-Assad, accompanied by a delegation from his regime, visited the United Arab Emirates in his trip since 2011.

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