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Early Warning Network records 47 new cases of Coronavirus in northwestern Syria

The Early Warning Network recorded 47 new cases of Coronavirus in northwestern Syria, yesterday, Monday, bringing the number of recorded infections to 21,694.

The network stated that 42 new cases of infection were recorded in the countryside of Aleppo (35 in Afrin, 2 in Azaz, 4 in al-Bab, 1 in Jarablus), and the city of Idlib recorded four cases, and the city of Harem one case.

The network recorded 55 recoveries, bringing the total number of recovery in northwestern Syria to 19,737, and the network did not record any new deaths from the Corona virus, leaving the death toll to 641 cases.

The epidemiological surveillance laboratory of the Early Warning Network Program stated that it conducted 605 analyzes of the Corona virus, bringing the number of analyzes it carried out to 118,066 in northern Syria.

The Syria Response Coordinators Group had previously warned, in a statement, of the accelerating outbreak of the Corona virus in northern Syria, and the team suggested that the region would witness a new increase in the number of infected people as a result of the disregard for the necessary preventive measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, and the weakness of humanitarian response operations in the region.

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