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French Finance Minister threatens Russia with economic war over its invasion of Ukraine

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Tuesday that European countries intend to weaken the Russian economy due to the military operation that Russia launched against Ukraine last Thursday.

In an interview with France Info radio, Le Maire added that European countries would “launch an unprecedented economic war against Russia” that would push the Russian economy to an “inevitable” collapse.

He explained that the European economy is strong, and that the balance of economic and financial forces is tilted significantly in favor of the European Union countries that are discovering the strength of their economy at present.

During the past two days, the European Union imposed a package of sanctions against Russia, including banning flights of Russian companies in European airspace, and supporting its removal from the global bank transfer system “SWIFT”.

The union included in its sanctions Russian personalities with ties to Putin, including a travel ban and financial dealings with them, in addition to freezing their financial assets in the EU countries.

On the 24th of last February, Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine, after which international reactions began condemning and angry at the illegal Russian intervention in the territory of a sovereign state.

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