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French newspaper: The Assad regime’s return to Interpol is a step to remove ostracism on it

The French newspaper “Le Monde” reported that the Syrian opposition considers the return of the Assad regime to the International Criminal Police Organization “Interpol” as a step in removing its ostracism.

The newspaper emphasized in a report entitled “Syria’s return to Interpol… a worrying sign against Bashar al-Assad’s opponents,” and that opponents of the Assad regime see this initiative as another step forward in a slow but steady process to remove ostracism on it.

The newspaper reported the growing influence of China and the United Arab Emirates within Interpol with the reintegration of the Assad regime with a record full of human rights violations.

Syrian organizations expressed their fear and concern over this step, and their fear that the Assad regime would demand handing over the political opponents, or at least impede their efforts to settle their status in Syria.

Interpol stressed that these fears are unfounded, and that its laws obligate each NCB to act in the “spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

It is noteworthy that the Assad regime separated from the “Interpol” in 2012, when international sanctions were imposed on it, in response to its bloody repression to the demonstrators.

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