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Hundreds of Corona virus infections are recorded in northern Syria

Today, Sunday, the “Early Warning and Epidemic Response Network” recorded 668 new infections with Corona virus, distributed over the regions of Idlib and Aleppo, northwest Syria, and the Spring of Peace region.

The network stated that there was a significant increase in the death toll from Corona infections, as the total number of infections in northern Syria reached 34 thousand and 723 cases, 751 deaths, and 24 thousand and 222 cases of recovery.

The Health Information System Unit classified two deaths related to Covid-19 disease, and noted the registration of 9 cases of health sector workers (including a doctor and 4 nurses), acceptable cases in the hospital (all of whom did not receive the Covid 19 vaccine), and 109 cases of displaced people inside the camps.

The total number of infections in the “Spring of Peace” areas also reached 3,919 cases, 32 deaths and 1,294 cases of recovery, and this comes after repeated warnings of a large outbreak of the pandemic in the liberated areas.

It should be noted that warnings are rising about the repercussions of the outbreak of the pandemic in the regions of northern Syria due to the overcrowding of the region, especially in the displacement camps.

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